KGI Garden Grants and Bag It School Contest

School and Community Garden Grants Kitchen Gardeners International has launched the Sow It Forward grants program, offering $600 mini-grants for community and school groups interested in starting or expanding food garden projects. The $600 grant consists of a $300 cash grant, a $200 giftcard to Gardeners Supply Co as well as vegetable seeds and other garden resources.

The simple online application is due January 11, 2013. Learn more about the Sow It Forward grants program and apply on behalf of your own garden group or spread the word to others in your community!

Bag It Plastic Free School Contest
The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation awarded a grant to ReelThing Films to provide theBag It educational DVD and curriculum to 200 schools across the country in an effort to raise awareness about plastic waste and find community solutions. To inspire action, Bag It is hosting the Plastic Free School Contest to encourage teachers and students to come up with creative, inventive projects and solutions that kids can do in their communities. Through this interactive contest, students will delve into the world of social impact and learn how rewarding it is to make a difference and create real change.

Know a student or teacher? Share the news of the Plastic Free School Contest to encourage teachers and students to come up with plastic free solutions.

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Big Mahalo's from the farming community going out to Sen. Kalani English for his introduction to this bill. Kalani has attended our Maui Gatherings and has been a supporter of our efforts within Hawaii Farmers Union United. Below is the article and a link to its source.
Vincent Mina, President of MFUU

Subject: Bill to Promote Agricultural Tourism Activities Becomes Law

Honolulu- Senate Bill (SB) 2341, Relating to Land Use, became law yesterday without the Governor's signature.  The measure allows agricultural tourism activities, including certain overnight accommodations of twenty-one days or less, in agricultural districts for any one stay within Maui County.
The intent of the SB 2341 is to enable Maui County to make their own determinations regarding the allowance of certain activities on, or uses of, land in agricultural districts.  To assist in this effort the measure provides that the county adopt ordinances setting forth procedures and requirements for the review and permitting of agricultural tourism uses and activities.
The enactment of Senate Bill 2341 provides a wealth of opportunity for Maui County farmers and ranchers as well as the greater community," said Senator English, who introduced the measure. "Agricultural Tourism serves as a means of additional economic activity for agricultural communities as well as a learning vehicle for many people who might not otherwise have a connection to agriculture." Senator English represents Hana, East and Upcountry Maui, Moloka'i, Lana'i and Kaho'olawe. 

LINK to article:
For those who want or need organic options for ant control: This link will take you to some organic ant control methods.  I do not know the efficacy of any of them on fire ants.
This is a link to a Natural Farming video on fire ant control   
Here is one good recipe:
One part of Boric Acid to 4 parts of Equal (sugar substitute) add a few drops of water and mixing it into a paste then placing it in the pathway of the ants. There is a reference in these links to a similar mix using boric acid. What I find in using the Equal is 100% efficiency. Equal is a known neurotoxin ants don't stand a chance. 
'A Farm for the Future' - Full Film

This is a link to a 48 minute video where a woman investigates how to turn her family's farm in Devon, England into a low energy farm for the future, and finds that nature holds the key.
The Hawaii State Legislature - at the request of the Honolulu 10% Blenders and their allies - appears almost certain to pass House Bill No. 280. This measure would repeal the mandatory system of inspection and certification of Hawaii-grown coffee that was put in place after the Kona Kai coffee counterfeiting scandal of the mid-1990s.
The current mandatory system has been successfully administered by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture for more than a decade.  This system has provided a measure of assurance as to the origin and quality of Hawaii-grown coffee to buyers throughout the world.
The arguments of the Blenders in support of HB280 are particularly unconvincing and raise questions as to motive.
Please join the Kona Coffee Farmers Association and the appreciators of Hawaii-grown coffee in petitioning Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to veto this bill!