Subject: Jonathan Starr on Water, Land and Housing

Dear Mr Wicker,

I am writing in support of confirming Jonathan Starr's appointment to serve on the Hawaii State Commission on Water Resource Management.

Greenleaf Farm supports Governor Abercrombie's appointment of Jonathan Starr, a man who has spent a lifetime in support of local food growers.
We appreciate the wisdom of appointing a man who has years of experience both in the fields with traditional Hawaiian agriculture
and in the offices of government while serving on boards.

My wife and I own  and operate Greenleaf Farm on Maui.  We are deeply involved with local agriculture with our own farm, with the
gardens in schools movement, with farmers markets, with Slow Food Inc,  with Whole Foods and Mana Foods and with Hawaii
Farmers Union United. 

In Hawaii and across the globe local agriculture is emerging as a necessity for people that are struggling to feed themselves and those that they love.
A passion for the process is also emerging and a new community is growing among the people who realize that improved health and well being is
a product of growing and eating local food that is grown through regenerative agriculture.  

Greenleaf Farm is blessed and grateful to be a member of that emerging community.  Jonathan Starr's background and commitment to the future of Hawaiian
Agriculture make him a wonderful appointee to serve on the Hawaii State Commission on Water Resource Management.

Sincerely and with Aloha,
Bill and Marta Greenleaf
Greenleaf Farm
Hawaii Farmers Union United
Slow Food Inc


08/23/2012 4:18pm

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